Pizza East, Shoreditch High Street
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Pizza East, Shoreditch High Street

Most people know Pizza East for their lunch and dinner time menu, but now they are open for breakfast as well! And trust me… it’s worth trying out!

We started our breakfast off with a cappuccino and some fresh house juices. We had the ‘green’ and the ‘glow’ juice – they were so fresh and tasted amazing. The manager actually told us that they used to produce them in the basement of the restaurant, however once production became too much they had to outsource the production. But they are all 100% natural ingredients and super good for you. My personal favourite was the ‘green’ one because I love vegetable based juices, and all the ingredients went so well together – I wanted to take some home!

For our meal we ordered; avocado, poached egg, chilli, bruschetta (I changed my eggs to scrambled) and pancakes, banana, wild berries.

The avocado was so well seasoned with a hint of spice and olive oil, it was also really soft and went really well with the bread. The scrambled eggs were also delicious as they weren’t to runny or overcooked – they were just perfect. The whole combination of the avocado, bread, basil and eggs was amazing, I really enjoyed it.

Next the pancakes…

Firstly I admired the presentation, it makes them look so inviting to eat. Personally, I can’t stand when a restaurant piles the pancakes with loads of cream, maple syrup and no fresh fruit.

The pancakes were delicious, fluffy and moist (I hate that word). And all the fruit on top tasted really fresh and went really well with the pancakes.

I just had to post an up-close picture of them because they look so good! (and tasted it)

I really had a great experience at Pizza East, the service was excellent and the staff were really friendly. I would highly recommend going for breakfast or a brunch here, the food was delicious.

It is also in a great location, on Shoreditch High Street opposite Box Park, which is also only a few minutes walk from the famous Brick Lane. Perfect for a touristy day out!

For more information on Pizza East, visit their website: http://www.pizzaeast.com

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