Inamo, Camden
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Inamo, Camden

Inamo is a pan-Asian cuisine with interactive tables. You can play games against other people on the table, ordering all your food and drinks through an iPad, and even draw on the tables! I must say, I did have a lot of fun.

As you can see, I kept on getting distracted from ordering food because I was just trying to figure out to work it all!

I started with a Sake Mojito, it was refreshing and tasty!

We then went on to ordering our food off the iPad. You basically just select what dishes you would like to order then you send it to the kitchen, it’s so good – although you do get a bit carried away.

We ordered the dragon roll; beef tataki; sushi bagel; Singapore noodles; and shrimp and vegetable dim sum.

The dragon roll was so good! The sauce on top complimented it really well. It was definitely one of the best tempura sushi dishes I’ve tried!

The beef tataki was also one of my favourites, as it was thinly sliced and almost melted in your mouth.

I did not enjoy the sushi bagel that much. I just found that it lacked a bit of flavour and was just a bit of a basic dish.

The Singapore noodles were delicious, the noodles were well cooked and overall had a great flavour.

The Dim Sum was another one of my favourite dishes, it was amazing! There was something about the flavours inside that just made it taste so fresh and delicious.

For desert we had fried banana with caramel ice cream. This may sound strange to someone who has never had fried banana before, but I guarantee you will enjoy it. The outside was nice and crispy and it went very well with the caramel ice cream.

Inamo also has a great outdoors area, perfect for the warmer months. However, it is also all fully heated so you don’t feel as cold as you would expect. The outdoor terrace was so modern and had a lovely bar. It’s a great place for either a private event or even just to catch up with some friends!

Overall, I thought Inamo was a great experience! Because not only you have fantastic food, but you’re also kept entertained by the interactive technology. It’s something so different to any other restaurant so I would really recommend going here. They also have branches in Soho and Covent Garden.

For more information on Inamo, their website is: http://www.inamorestaurants.london/our-venues/inamo-camden/

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