HipChips, Soho
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HipChips, Soho

A restaurant serving fresh chips & dips? Yes please! It’s a chips lovers dream.

(I’m struggling to say chips because I have always called them crisps, but for the sake of this post I will be calling them chips)

HipChips is based in Soho, and they focus on serving fresh chips from seasonal potatoes, along with a variety of dips.

You have the option of 3 sizes – small with 2 dips, medium with 3 dips or large with 6 dips. You then choose if you want it to be sweet or savoury.

I loved the decor because it was really causal, yet funky. There was also lot of seating available to sit and enjoy your chips!

We ordered the large size with 6 dips (of course). The dips we chose were smokey cheese fondue, baba ganoush, veggie ceviche, katsu curry, moroccan yogurt, and campfire s’mores (for desert). All of the dips were so different and most flavours were really new to me, especially in that form. However, they were all really tasty in their own way.

I would say my favourite was the smokey cheese fondue and the baba ganoush – I thought they went really well with the salty chips. What I also really enjoyed about the chips was that sometimes you would get a really soft one, which reminded you how fresh they were because it was like eating a potato.

It is presented in a really pretty baby pink box, which perfectly fits everything in including cutlery, tissues and hand wipes.

Going to HipChips was a very different experience to the usual restaurants I go to. It’s such a creative and fun concept.

You can also order a box to take away, so I think it’s a great thing to bring to a friends house or even the office for snacking on. (Maybe not the healthiest option but everyone loves a good bag of chips!)

For more information about HipChips, go to their website: http://www.hipchips.com

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