Cafe Loren, Camden Market
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Cafe Loren, Camden Market

Cafe Loren specialises in Shakshuka, a very popular dish in the middle east. Their menu offers a range of 10 different Shakshuka’s, along with sharing platters of hummus and salads.

This little cafe lies in the heart of Camden Market, so it is a great place to get away from the crowds and enjoy lunch in a cozy cafe.

To start we had the Mediterranean Plate, which had Challad bread, homemade hummus, vegetables, cheese burakas, and olives.

Growing up in Dubai, with the middle eastern cuisine you tend to eat a lot of hummus. And I must say that the hummus we had here was really good. It also wasn’t as oily, which is always a good thing for me. So I really enjoyed that with the fresh bread. The vegetables were also really nice and fresh.

Next I had ‘The Spicy One’ Shackshuka. I had never eaten shackshuka before, so I really enjoyed trying something new. The one I had was really flavourful and all the ingredients tasted nice and fresh.

Cafe Loren also has an outside cafe, where you can get a selection of sweet treats and drinks. I loved the outside area because the stone and lights gave it a really cozy atmosphere. It’s a really nice place to sit and have a coffee (when it gets a bit warmer).

The Cafe has also attracted a lot of press from it’s shackshuka, as it is one of the very few places that only sells the dish.

Cafe Loren was a great place to have a quick and healthy lunch to get away from the hustle and bustle of Camden Market (especially on a Sunday). So if you’re a big shackshuka fan, you need to pay a visit!

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