Counter Kitchen, Clerkenwell
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Counter Kitchen, Clerkenwell

Trying to be healthy this year? Counter Kitchen is definitely the place for you. Offering fresh, nutritious and delicious meals – as well as a selection of fresh juices.

This ‘mindful eating’ restaurant was voted one of the healthiest restaurants in the world by Mr. Porter. As they stay away from hormones, artificial colours, refined sugars and preservatives.

I loved the decor, as the white and blue tiles made the restaurant very bright and welcoming – and the wood gives it a very natural touch.

They offer a range of juices from PRESS, along with immunity shots, ginger shots and coconut water. I tried the coconut water and it was so refreshing!

There is also a lot of seating so customers usually always get seated quickly.

So we went for the Super Green with a side of salmon and the Crunch Pad with a side of chicken.

The Crunch Pad is made with Mooli & carrot noodles, radish, mange-tout, spring onions, chilli, crushed peanuts & basil – served with ginger tamarind dressing. So my initial thoughts on this was like, a Pad Thai with no noodles?? That’s weird. But once I tried it, it was so tasty that it did not feel like you were just eating a plate of vegetables. Overall, I was really pleased with it and would definitely have it again!

The next dish was the Super Green with miso salmon, this was made up with seared avocado, comb seaweed, shredded kale, gem lettuce, edamame, cucumber, quinoa & crunchy brown rice – served with ponzu dressing. Firstly, the salmon was cooked just right, and the miso sauce on top gave it a bit of saltiness that complemented it well. I really enjoyed the combination of ingredients as you always got different flavours and textures. Usually salads don’t fill me up for long but this kept me going all day, probably because of the avocado. But overall, it had a great flavour.

Counter Kitchen is a great place for a quick breakfast or lunch, or to sit and do some work. You leave the restaurant feeling super healthy and energised! So, if you ever find yourself in the area, I would highly recommend to try it out.

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