Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to have a set skin care routine that I stick to day and night to get my skin looking healthier – and I’ve finally found something that works for me (for the moment at least) Generally, I have quite dry skin so I try to focus on keeping my skin hydrated, especially as we are coming into winter.

Every morning when I wake up I wash my face with the L’Oreal fine flowers gel-cream wash, I first wet my face then add about a finger tip amount of gel-cream and massage it all around my face for about 30 seconds. It leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and clean!

After I have dried my face with a towel I like to apply a pump of the SPF30 Anti-Pollution Fluid from Decleor all around my face and neck – this leaves my skin feeling hydrated and protects it from all the pollution in London! What I also really like about this product is that it sinks into your skin really well, it doesn’t sit on the surface and make you look all shiny – it just gives you a nice glow.

However, sometimes I do alternate between the anti-pollution hydrating fluid and the Erno Laszlo hydra-therapy. I tend to use the hydra-therapy when I don’t want to put a moisturiser on like before I go to the gym for example, as the Erno Laszlo is water based.

The last beauty product I apply in the morning is the dark circle eraser from Decleor. I apply a small pump just below my eyes and then rub it in with my finger. I like this product because it brightens my under eyes up, which is perfect for when I’m having a no-makeup day.

Before I go to bed I use Bioderma micelle solution to remove my makeup – it takes off all my foundation as well as my eye makeup, it’s amazing! I much prefer using micelle water over an oil-based makeup remover because it always burns my eyes and irritates my skin. After I have removed most of my makeup I use the L’Oreal face wash again to give my skin a good wash and to make sure all of my makeup is fully of.

The last product I apply to my skin is Bio-Oil, this is a relatively new product I have introduced to my skin care routine but so far the results are amazing. I started using Bio-Oil to get rid of some scaring on my face and for a more even skin tone, and I can’t believe how much it has helped. I know a lot of people that breakout when they use oil products, but if you don’t you really need to try this out!

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