48 Hours in Amsterdam with Bloomon

Amsterdam has always been on my list of places to visit, mainly because of the beautiful canals and famous flower fields. A couple of weeks ago I checked my emails like any other day and saw an invitation from Bloomon to go to Amsterdam for a night for their Flower Festival event and to visit the Bloomon growers. I couldn’t believe it – it was like a dream come true! So of course I accepted the amazing offer and two weeks later off we go to City Airport and get on a plane to Amsterdam.

Once we arrived, we met the lovely Holly who organised the trip and went to Hotel Zoku where we were going to be staying and where the event was that evening. After finding out that Hotel Zoku was voted one of the 25 coolest hotels in Europe, I realised why. Look at this entrance!!?? It was stunning!

After meeting the rest of the lovely girls on the trip, we walked to a nearby restaurant called Dignita for lunch. I had the zucchini & chickpea fritters with halloumi and avocado – I highly highly recommend this dish if you ever go here, it was so good (and healthy)!

After a delicious lunch we had time to explore Amsterdam for a few hours before getting ready for the event that evening. So we just started walking and getting lost amongst all the small streets and beautiful canals. I loved how every building was unique and all of the cute shops. 

We explored the city for a couple of hours then we went back to the hotel to get ready for the Flower Festival.

The Flower Festival was just how I imagined it to be, stunning bouquets everywhere! After meeting the lovely Bloomon team, we started a flower crown making class. We were all given a bouquet of flowers and could design our crowns however we wanted. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t great at making my flower crown and had to be saved a couple of times from messing up. But I got there in the end, and I was quite proud! Haha.

and there were a few intense moments of concentration…… 


The next day we woke up around 8am for a buffet breakfast at Zoku Hotel, which was delicious & fuelled us up for a long day ahead. Our plan was to visit three different flower fields where Bloomon gets their flowers from.

The first stop was to the Lily growers at Lillies of Life. We were greeted by the Owner, who made us feel so welcome and talked us through the process of growing the lillies before they end up in your beautiful Bloomon vase. What I found so interesting is that they had chickens walking around, I was like wait are these real chickens and what are they doing amongst all of these lillies?! Well, we were told that the chickens are there to eat away all the weeds, so that they don’t have to spray any nasty chemicals on the lillies.

After wandering around the thousands of lillies we were shown the end product. They produce orange, white and red lillies – they were so beautiful (much better than the ones I see sitting in the supermarket down the road). 

After learning SO much about lillies, we turned around and there was a table set up with our lunch on. We enjoyed a lovely sandwich while sitting amongst all the beautiful lillies, it didn’t seem real!

A few boomerangs & lots of pictures later we moved on to the next flower grower. These flowers were so pretty and all sorts of colours. We were shown around where they store the flowers before they get sent out to either companies like Bloomon or go to auction. Then we made our way outside to see where they are all grown.

Ok you guys have no idea how windy it was, it was definitely a constant battle between me and my hair when trying to get a nice picture! But it was SO beautiful walking along the flower fields, I still can’t believe I had the opportunity to do something I probably would never have done in my life.

To end the perfect day off we went to the last Bloomon flower grower. We first arrived at the main place where they sort out all of the flowers, but he knew what we really wanted to see, he told us to get back in the car and he led the way on his bike to these incredible flower fields. We were just surrounded by all sorts of beautiful and colourful flowers. And as you can see, I was very happy!

A couple hundred pictures later we headed back to the airport to catch our flight back to London. The two days in Amsterdam were so much fun and we all learnt to much about Bloomon and were able to see exactly where the flowers come from that get delivered straight to your door in London.

A HUGE thanks to the Bloomon team for inviting me out to celebrate the new season of your flower arrangements and for an unforgettable two days in Amsterdam. And a special thanks to Holly for organising everything and making the two days so special!


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