The one thing I love to gift people is an experience, not only do you create amazing memories but it is also trying something different. The other week I went along to a gin tasting day at the East London Liquor Company organised by Virgin Experience days in collaboration with UNiDAYS.

When we arrived to the distillery we were taken down into the cellar, which was filled up with loads whiskey casks that have been brewing for a very long time! Once we sat down we began by trying a vodka (I hate having neat liquor so that was definitely a challenge!). And he spoke us through the process and ingredients that go into making it.

Next we went onto the gins (my favourite). So first we would try a small sip of the gin, then we passed around all of the ingredients to smell and this allowed our senses to pick up the small flavours of ingredients in the gin. It was really interesting to see what went into creating each gin, and how much flavour it can really have. We would then discuss what flavours each of us could taste in the gin – we found that each of us would pick up different flavours and what would stand out to me didn’t necessarily stand out for someone else.

After trying all different kinds of liquor and learning all about the processes, we went back up into the main bar to enjoy a Gin & Tonic (which was amazing). The bar area is beautifully designed and perfect for a summers day, as they also have an outdoor seating area as well.

The experience definitely taught me a lot about what goes into making different kinds of liquor, it was such a great afternoon!

If you want to try this experience for yourself then head to Virgin Experience Days and if you’re a student then you can get 20% off with UNiDAYS 

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