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NIP+FAB skincare routine

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying out skincare products from Nip+Fab, and so far I am loving the results!

My first favourite range is the Bee Sting Fix – the toning pads and the repairing shot. When I first heard the name I wasn’t really sure what to think, although I was definitely intrigued.

First lets talk about the toning pads, I absolutely love how easy they are to use – especially right before bed when you’re feeling too tired to clean and tone your face, all you have to do is whip out a pad, rub it around your face and you’re done! The pads are soaked in:

Bee venom: plump + firm appearance of the skin
Propolis extract: skin healer, anti-oxidant and antiseptic.
Witch hazel: help reduce swelling and repair broken skin and fight bacteria.
Allantoin: provides a natural protectant for the skin and encourages cell generation.

I know it sounds like it would hurt but I personally have quite sensitive skin and I didn’t find the bee venom or the other ingredients irritated my skin. I would recommend this product to people who want to find an easy and effective toner, so far I am really happy with the results!

Next is the Bee Sting Fix Repairing shot, you can either add it to your daily moisturiser or you can just apply it straight onto your face, which I personally prefer to do. The repairing shot contains a nourishing oil to repair dry skin – so this is perfect for when you feel like your skin needs that extra boost. I use this product in the evenings before I go to bed after I have used the toning pads so I can give my skin hydration throughout the night.

The toning pads retail for £12.95 and the repairing shot retails for £24.95

The next collection that I am currently loving is the Kale Fix (and yes, they are actually enriched with kale extract!) after hearing that I had to try it out. The product I use most out of this range is the make-up removing pads, I love how they not only remove your make-up but they also cleanse and moisturise the skin at the same time. Although I don’t use them to remove my whole face of makeup, I use them after to wipe of any excess foundation. One thing I noticed about the whole kale range is that it leaves your skin feeling so smooth after you use it.

Every morning I put on two drops of the protecting shot, as its main ingredient is pronalen bio protect, which protects your skin from pollutants and gives you that extra bit of defence from getting pores. The last product from the range that I use is the moisturiser, I like to put it on after the protecting shot to give my skin an extra boost of hydration for the day.

The make-up removing pads retail for £12.95, the protecting shot retails for £19.95 and the moisturiser retails for £19.95.

Dragons blood? This one really got me. Dragons Blood is a sap found in the Croton Lechleri tree in the Amazon, it works to protect and heal the skin from all outside aggressions. 

The ingredients in the Dragons blood range focus on giving your skin a younger-looking complexion by plumping the skin and reducing fine wrinkles. I personally love the smell of this product the most, it smells a bit like a mans perfume?! As I am still young and don’t have any wrinkles (yet) I don’t see a huge difference in what this product does. Although it does leave my skin feeling really fresh and vibrant looking, which I love!

The hyaluronic shot retails for £24.95 and the moisturiser retails for £19.95.


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