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The National Café by Peyton & Byrne, Trafalgar Square

The National Café is located inside the National Gallery, so it is the perfect place to enjoy a lovely lunch after browsing around all of the artwork that the gallery has to offer. The restaurant has very modern and elegant decor, with high ceilings and pastel furniture.

We started off our lunch with two cocktails; a Moscow Mule and a French 75 – they were both very refreshing.

For starters, we opted for the Cornish squid with puntarella and organic Sicilian lemon and the Devonshire crab ravioli with shrimp butter and cockles. 

I personally love squid, so this dish was just amazing! The squid was very meaty, well seasoned and perfectly grilled. The portion size was also enough to share!


The Devonshire crab ravioli with shrimp butter and cockles was delicious, the ravioli itself tasted very fresh and the sauce was rich but not too heavy – the perfect amount for a starter.

After devouring two delicious starters, we ordered our main courses. We ordered the  14-year-old Galician bavette with Datterino tomatoes and gremolata and the Cornish brill with lentils and rainbow chard. 

I was really looking forward to trying the Galician bavette because I had seen pictures of it before and it looked amazing, and the waitress recommended it – however I was quite disappointed. I thought that the meat wasn’t cooked well, and it was very tough to cut and eat. So considering the price of the dish, I was expecting it to be of higher quality.

The Cornish brill was delicious, it was well cooked and was very meaty. It was also complemented very well by the delicious chard and lentils.

 After taking a sneaky look at their dessert menu, I had to try their hot apple pie with vanilla custard and salted caramel and cinnamon doughnuts with toffee sauce. 

The apple pie was delicious, the pastry was very thin so it did not over power the apple inside – it was the perfect ratio. And the hot custard to top it all off was just amazing. I don’t think there’s anything better than a good apple pie with custard?!

The salted caramel and cinnamon donuts were a bit crispy on the outside and they were stuffed with chocolate, they were incredible! They were like little balls of heaven, because when you first bite into it you expect it to just be a normal donut, but it had a completely different consistency. I would highly recommend trying these because I thought they were amazing.

Overall I had a lovely lunch at The National Café, I think it is a great place to go after a touristy day out. The service was excellent, the staff were really attentive and friendly.

For more information on The National Café visit their website; 


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