Last week I was invited to an afternoon tea organised by Culture Trip at Ethos Food – it was so lovely to meet other bloggers and to try out a new restaurant!

Culture Trip focuses on bringing their readers personalised recommendations for countries all over the world – they find the best of what a country has to offer and allows their readers to experience the country as a local would. I think it’s an amazing idea, and the best way to experience the best of what a country has to offer. For more information on Culture Trip visit their website 

The event took place at Ethos food, which is a vegetarian restaurant, with a pay-by-weight concept. So when you walk in it’s almost laid out like a buffet, then you just add whatever you would like onto your plate.

As I walked in the one thing that caught my attention were all of the vegan deserts – look at how amazing they look?! I can imagine this being a vegans dream!


After browsing all of the food, we all sat down to enjoy a vegan afternoon tea. I was so excited because usually after a regular afternoon tea you leave feeling 5kg heavier with all of the sugar you eat.

I started off with a Chinese green tea with rose – yes, I was trying to be experimental. But I’m glad I was because it was soo good – I am such a tea lover as well so it’s really nice to find a good tea.


There were 3 tiers, the top tier had all of the cakes, the second tier had scones and the bottom tier had sandwiches.

I was intrigued to see how the cakes tasted because obviously, most of the ingredients in normal cakes are not vegan friendly.

But I was shocked, they were delicious! The cupcake had blueberry filling in the middle, which was just incredible (probably my favourite).

Next there were some peanut butter & cocoa balls, they basically tasted exactly as you imagine they would – I really enjoyed them but you could definitely not have more than one as they were really rich. The last cake on the plate was kind of like a blueberry cheesecake, with a biscuit-like base.

The scones were served with cashew cream and jam. The cashew cream was really light, which I enjoyed because I usually don’t like anything with a really creamy consistency.

Lastly, there were a selection of closed and open sandwiches. They were topped with avocado and chilli, hummus and radish, and beetroot. My personal favourite was the avocado (obviously) because it had such a delicious flavour, and was a bit spicy.

I was so happy that I got the opportunity to come try the vegan afternoon tea, because it’s definitely something I would’ve thought to do in my own time.

Thank you Culture Trip for inviting me along! If you haven’t already, check out their website:



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