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Emilia’s Pasta, St. Katherine Docks

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a fresh and homemade pasta.

If you’re looking for a cozy and authentic Italian restaurant – Emilia’s Pasta is definitely the place to go. Emilia’s Pasta is located within St. Katherine Docks, so takes you outside of the busyness of the City.

Their menu is small, which is always a good sign – as they have more focus on each dish. You have a choice of about 4 starters, 8 mains, and 4 desserts.

I loved how you could see all the different types of fresh pasta – and when you order one they go and scoop a portion size out, it gave it a really authentic touch.

So for starters we had a burrata with toasted cibatta; rocket and parmesan salad with lemon and oil dressing; and bresaola.

The chef told us to put the whole combination onto the toasted cibatta – and it was actually incredible. You could taste the freshness of the ingredients in every bite, and also what stood out to me was the olive oil – it was drizzled onto everything and tasted amazing. So when you go I would highly highly recommend ordering those three dishes because it tasted soo good!

Toasted Cibatta  Burrata with toasted cibatta and a drizzle of olive oil

 rocket and parmesan salad with lemon and oil dressing


For main course it was such a hard decision deciding on what pasta to choose because they all sounded great. We ended up going for the 4 hour slow cooked béchamel bolognese with grated parmesan (pappardelle); and the flaked yellowfin tuna fillet with homemade tomato sauce, peperoncino and freshly chopped parsley (rigatoni).

As expected, the bolognese was delicious. The meat was very rich in flavour, complemented well by the béchamel to make it more creamier. What I loved is how fresh the pasta itself tasted, and it was perfectly al dente.

The next pasta was the flaked yellowfin tuna fillet with homemade tomato sauce, peperoncino and freshly chopped parsley. This dish was a lot lighter than the bolognese, which was perfect for me. The combination of the fresh tomato, parsley and olive oil was really tasty.

 Flaked yellowfin tuna fillet with homemade tomato sauce

As always, we saved room for a bit of dessert. There was a cake on the counter that I kept on looking at all night so there was no way I could resist having a slice!

So we chose the lemon and polenta cake with flaked almonds, yogurt and honey. Personally, I love any cake with lemon in so it was a big hit for me – but I know that a lot of people don’t enjoy that.

The cake was moist and full of flavour, and went well with the ice cream and honey on top. I would definitely have it again when I go back, because it wasn’t as heavy as most desserts you usually get.

The meal ended perfectly with a limoncello served in a frozen shot glass – according to the manager it’s the only place in London that serves it like that! It was really refreshing (and strong).

Overall, my experience at Emilia’s Pasta was fantastic. The food was extremely fresh and full of flavour. The atmosphere was also really cozy and it seemed like most people there were frequent customers. I also loved the location, because it’s somewhere completely new and different to most of the places in London. After dinner it’s great to walk around and pass London Bridge and you get a great view of the Shard and thames.

For more information on Emilia’s Pasta, their website is: