Oceanside is a restaurant located in the Putahracsa Hotel. This is one of my favourite places to come because the setting is stunning and you can just look out to sea while having dinner.

So one evening we were heading into town to have dinner and decided to stop by to see what events they had coming up – because when I was in Hua Hin the year before they did an amazing seafood night.

It turned out that there was a white party starting in 20 minutes. After we saw all the amazing food they were setting up we had to stay, even though I was the only one all in blue.

There was endless amounts of food and wine (I was in heaven). They had loads of fresh Thai salads, a BBQ section with loads of different types of meat, a Mexican stand, Oysters, and a great selection of deserts.

It was a really fun night and I was really glad we stayed for it because you can sit there for hours and have a good time.