Farzi Café, City Walk
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Farzi Café, City Walk

‘Farzi’ in English means ‘creating an illusion’. This new and modern Indian restaurant uses molecular gastronomy to do just that.

Each dish is served in a unique way. One dish was presented inside a toy truck while another was served within a pay phone.

As we sat down, we were presented with an amuse-bouche. It was mango flavoured yogurt that exploded in your mouth.

We started off with some butter chicken buns, served in the back of a truck. I thought the presentation was amazing and they buns tasted delicious. The bun was lovely and soft, the sauce was made to perfection, bursting with loads of flavour. The chicken was tender and succulent.

Next we had Dal Chawal Arrancini with Achar-papad Chutney. This was a vegetarian dish. I loved the modern twist they added by placing curled popadoms on top of each arrancini. The dish was full of flavour and the chutney complemented it so well.

We then devoured these tempura prawns with nimbu mirch air. The sauce on top was quite thick and spicy – but it tasted amazing!

You could probably smell this dish from a mile away. When it was served it was blowing a truffle smell through the small tube connected to the main dish, which was truffled mushrooms with hazelnut shavings.

I have found a new love for mushrooms, especially after trying these ones! They were served in the most amazing sauce (which contained truffle of course).

To end the meal of, we ordered Rasmalai Tres leches, which was prepared by the chef in front of us, explaining each step.

I must say, it was one of the strangest desserts I have ever tried. The combination of flavours was so different, as some of the ingredients were risotto rice, saffron ice cream and rose petals. However, I would recommend you order it because the way they make it is incredible to watch!

The bill was served in an old typewriter. I thought this was so great because not only are the dishes creative and different, but so is the way the bill is served.

I really enjoyed eating at Farzi Café. Each dish was bursting with different flavours, the presentation was so creative and the service was excellent. However, I would definitely book as it gets extremely busy for dinner.

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