Monkey Mountain
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Monkey Mountain

One day we decided to do something other than tan at the beach or pool. So one of our friends recommended we go to Monkey Mountain – it sounded interesting so I was up for it. 

As we were driving up the mountain we had stunning views of the sea and town. Then we got higher and started seeing monkeys everywhere – and we hadn’t even got there yet! 

We stopped for about a minute and already had them jumping all over the car, it was like a movie! 

Initially I found them cute, but after getting out of the car and being surrounded by them – I was completely freaked out. I didn’t expect I would be so scared but I was low-key wanting to run away. 

If you are brave enough, you are able to buy a bowl of food, and hold it in your hands for them to eat. So there will be about 6 monkeys all over you trying to get the bananas. 

It was definately an experience going here and seeing them out in the wild like that. 

After Monkey Mountain we were taken to see all of the pineapple fields about 10 minutes away. I could not believe how many acres there were of pineapples – it was incredible to see. 

After driving around, I suggested we go find a shop near by to buy some as I knew they would be incredibly fresh. However, when we got out of the car to take some photos of the fields, a thai woman approached us asking if we wanted some pineapples, so of course we said yes. 

There she goes, off in the fields checking which ones are ripe enough to give us. About 10 minutes later she comes back with her husband with about 7 pineapples and put them into the back of our car. We then went to pay her for them, but she was in shock and refused to accept the money. Instead, she invited us into her house to eat some pineapple. It was the best tasting pineapple I had ever tried, so juicy and sweet! After eating the pineapple we managed to sneak in the money with the grandma, who gladly accepted it. 

It was such an amazing experience being invited into their house and really seeing how they live their lives amongst the fields. 

Once we got home, we had so many pineapples we didn’t know what to do with them – so as you do, we made some piña coladas! They were delicious! 

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