The Palayana, Hua Hin
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The Palayana, Hua Hin

The Palayana is a stunning small boutique hotel located right next to where we stay, so every year when we go to Hua Hin we spend almost everyday there. This time when I went we didn’t spend as much time there because there were loads of other new places that had opened that we wanted to check out. 

One of my favourite things to have when I’m in Thailand is coconut water – it’s so refreshing and keeps you hydrated while you tan – I must have had 3 per day. 

After a couple hours of tanning we were getting hungry so we decided to take a break from the sun and have something to eat. 

We got the Thai green curry, Papaya salad, seared tuna on a bed of spicy pomelo, and salmon sashimi. 

As expected, the green curry was insane – it’s one of my favourite Thai dishes. Along with the papaya salad, I had this most days for lunch because it’s light yet is full of flavour and spice (I’m obsessed with spicy food). 

We then decided to go a bit fusion by ordering seared tuna. The spicy pomelo was interesting as i’ve never eaten it that way, but it complemented the tuna well. 

The salmon was in a delicious marinade and tasted really fresh. 

For desert I was going to be naughty and have a chocolate cake but I decided against it and ordered a fruit platter, which was refreshing. I love the fruit in Thailand because it’s all really sweet so it really satisfies my sugar cravings after a meal. 

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