Afternoon Tea, Royal Albert Hall
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Afternoon Tea, Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall in South Kensington. It was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871 and since then some of the world’s leading artists have appeared on its stage and it now has become one of UK’s most treasured buildings.

So I decided for my Nan’s birthday who is always so hard to buy for, to get her a royal afternoon tea for both of us to go to. I was so pleased I did because it turned out to be such a nice day!

So once we were seated we were given an option of about 50 teas to choose from – however we just stuck to the basic english breakfast (obviously) and a menu with all the sweets, scones and sandwiches we were going to get. They all looked so delicious I couldn’t wait!

So after about 15 minutes after being seated, we were presented with three layers of amazing cakes, scones and sandwiches. And I must say – they did taste as good as they looked.

The sweets were perfectly creamy, soft and moist. My personal favourite was the mini carrot cupcake because it had some liquor that looked like carrot juice to squeeze into it before eating it.

Next we had the scones, very British and never fail to please anyone! We got two plain and two with currents, served with strawberry jam and cream.

On the bottom plate were mini sandwiches, some with ham and others with salmon. I am usually really picky with my sandwiches when someone else makes them because I don’t like a lot of butter, and everything else that typically goes in a sandwich. So I did ask them not to bring the basic egg sandwiches because I knew they would just go to waste. However, the ham ones that I had were delicious – and I am very hard to please!

After a big meal we had to take a walk to burn it off a bit, so we walked around the lovely grounds of the Royal Albert Hall.

Overall, I had such a great time and it was beyond my expectations so I was really pleased with that. I would highly recommend anyone who’s stuck with a gift idea to get this – and personally, I much prefer getting gifted an experience rather than clothes or something because it always creates great memories!

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