Boutique Spa, Fitzrovia
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Boutique Spa, Fitzrovia

Boutique Spa is a great place to unwind after a long day, they offer a range of treatments for your nails, hair and body.

As you walk into the spa, you are greeted with the by the friendly staff at reception, festive lights and very accurate quotes on the wall!

The main room of the spa is divided into three stations – the manicure station, hair station and pedicure section. I loved the open space and how large the room was, because you didn’t feel crammed at all (which is quite common in London).

The spa offers endless amount of incredible beauty products, from hair sprays to body lotions. I just wanted to have it all!

There is also a large variety of nail-polish colours, from leading brands – O.P.I. and Essie.

I am an incredibly indecisive person, so I always find it so hard to choose my colour when I go to get my nails done. I always spend ages looking at all of them, to the point where I choose a random colour because I feel embarrassed and end up not liking it.

However, all of these colours were stunning so it’s hard to go wrong!

One of my favourite things about the salon was there glowing quotes on the walls, I thought it gave it a very modern and fun touch.

So the treatment I went for was a Signature Blow Dry – my hair was first washed and massaged in  nourishing shampoo and conditioner.

I chose to go for the ‘Cosmopolitan’ look, this was a more curly blow dry, as my hair is always strait I wanted to have a change.

Because my hair lacks volume and is quite fine curls drop out so quickly, so the hairdresser first blow dried it then curled it with a curling iron to give it the extra volume. It was finished off with extra-firm hair spray, to make it last all night and through the next day.

I loved how it came out, and my hairdresser was really friendly and accommodating.

If you want to feel glam or just want to relax, I would recommend going to Boutique Spa. The staff are friendly, and the salon is spacious, modern, and offer endless amounts of treatments.

For more information on their services, check out their website http://www.boutiquespa.co.uk

I’d like to thank Boutique Spa for inviting me to get a treatment, I’ll definitely be back soon!

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