Pharmacy 2, Vauxhall
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Pharmacy 2, Vauxhall

Pharmacy 2 is a restaurant designed by Damien Hirst, launched in collaboration with Mark Hix.

As you can see and probably imagine – it does feel like you are in a pharmacy-turned-restaurant. The decor is amazing and there is so much detail put into everything. My favourite was the pill-shaped bar stools, I thought they were really cool.

This place is quite hard to put into words so here are some pictures of all of the designs.

For our main courses, we ordered the Cep Risotto and the Linguini with Portland crab and chilli.

The Cep Risotto was delicious! There were a lot of mushrooms as well which I enjoyed, topped off with some grated parmesan to give it a touch of saltiness.

As for the linguini, it was nice and al dente. The crab complemented the dish well, and it tasted very fresh.

For dessert we got the brambleberry and bramley apple pie and the blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake.

Both desserts were very small, which was perfect for me. After a meal I usually crave something sweet but only want a couple of bites of something – not the whole dessert. However, for other people they would probably be too little (especially for a boy with an appetite).

The brambleberry and bramley apple pie was served nice and warm, the outside was soft and a bit crispy, and the inside was infused with the delicious fruits. It was sweet, tangy, and had some sour notes. Delicious!

The cheesecake was soft, creamy, and crunchy at the base. It was topped and filled with sweet blueberries and decadent white chocolate.

Pharmacy 2 is a great restaurant to come to experience the incredible designs and artwork. The food really surprised me – it was beyond what I expected from the outset.

I would probably suggest coming here for dinner or drinks in the evening, because at lunchtime it doesn’t really get busy so it lacks a bit of atmosphere.

For more information on the restaurant or to look at their menus, check out their website: www.pharmacyrestaurant.com

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