Southbank Christmas Market
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Southbank Christmas Market

It’s that time of year again! I cannot believe how quickly it has come around. This was my first Christmas market of the year, and I must say – I am really getting into the festive mood.

Southbank Christmas market is great because you not only have all the stalls, but also a fabulous view of the London Eye, Big Ben and the Thames.

Along the river there were endless amounts of stalls selling hot chocolate, winter warmers, pancakes, and may more products that you can see below.

If you’re feeling cold, you can even get a Warm Cuddle! I found this really cute and such a great idea.

After walking around all the little stalls, we went into another section of the Winter Festival. This area is more for sitting down to have a drink, eat a meal, and to socialise.

This is the main bar area, where you can sit inside the lodge to escape the cold winter nights and have some nice mulled wine.

There’s a great selection of street food to choose from, definitely something for everyone!

Each meal will cost you between £4-£10 pounds, which is great value as everything is freshly made.

For desert we opted for waffles, and they were so delicious! I went for one stuffed with Lotus spread with icing sugar on top, and my boyfriend went with ice cream and Belgian chocolate sauce. They were so fresh, I would highly recommend getting them!

After going through all the bustling markets, we took a stroll around Royal Festival Hall, it was so beautifully lit up with christmas trees all around.

Southbank Winter Market is open between the 11th of November till the 25th of January with free admission.

It’s a great place to walk around and enjoy some food and drinks in the evening, I would really recommend going to get into the festive spirit – but be sure to wrap up!

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